Japanese Style/Hara Diagnosis

Hara diagnosis is a holistic system of Japanese acupuncture based on abdominal reflex points as a way to measure and treat disharmonies in the body. Holism in this instance refers to a microcosmic facsimile of the entire body contained within a given smaller distal area, (such as is commonly utilized in reflexology and auricular therapy) where certain aspects of the abdomen refer to parts of the body which they proportionately represent within the microcosmic holistic system in question.

In Hara-based (energetic) medicine we can get a clear sense of the overall state of the individual’s body-system based primarily on palpation of the Hara area itself to get an idea of what aspects of the body are pathological and/or in or out of balance with each other. There are also some solid clinical studies which lend credence to the notion that the Hara system is an actual connective system throughout the body, and the common (western) thinking for how this might be so is based primarily upon the ability of the connective tissue to relay neural and somatic information throughout the body-system. Maureen has studied Hara diagnosis with Kiiko Matsumoto, universally acknowledged and widely-published Master of Japanese Acupuncture.