It is with pleasure and sincerity that I write this testimonial for Acupuncture Bodywork. I have been a patient of Maureen Tetelman for approximately one year. She has been treating me for muscular and neurological symptoms from arthritis in my neck and hands. Ms. Tetelman is a skilled acupuncturist and massage therapist. She uses both disciplines in treating me. The result is that the decline in my condition has leveled off and I have less pain and cramping, and more mobility in my muscles. The environment in her clinic is professional, yet comfortable and intimate. In truth this is the only thing covered in my health insurance that delights me.

~ Ali C. Höcek, AIA, AC Höcek Architecture LLC

I have been a client of Maureen’s for quite a while and I find her skills to be extraordinary. She has a great depth of knowledge of the body. She is caring and concerned about my progress and completely dedicated to the art of healing. Maureen is extremely committed to her work and is a kind and compassionate caregiver. I feel quite literally that I am in the very best of hands.

~ Dr. Paul Greengard, Nobel Laureate

I feel extremely thankful to have been in Maureen’s care for almost a decade now. She’s incredibly competent and over the years I’ve grown to trust her implicitly and go to her first for any ailment I might have, whether it is minor or not. She’s not only extremely knowledgeable, but has a degree of empathy and intuition that enables her to truly treat the whole person. I’ve found acupuncture to be an incredibly effective way to deal with back injury, headaches, allergies and respiratory illnesses, but perhaps most importantly it has significantly contributed to helping reduce my overall stress levels and gain more balance in daily life.

~ Irena A.

I have worked with Maureen for many years — even though I don’t live in New York, I make a point of seeing her every time I am in town, as I haven’t found any other acupuncture specialist I’ve trusted and respected as much as her. She has helped me overcome many short-term and long -term aches and pains, such as shoulder injury and chronic headaches, and I would recommend her to anyone without reservations.

~ Mara Alagic, Educator, Researcher and Consultant

Maureen has helped me address a chronically distressed back. I’ve tried massage, chiropractor and nothing cured my issue. Maureen skill set has been exceptionally helpful. Thank you.

~ Darren Wolfberg, Finance

My experience with acupuncture was non existent before I came to Maureen Tetelman’s Acupuncture Bodywork facility.
I am now a devoted and long time client. I know firsthand, the value of incorporating this kind of practice into one’s life for optimum health and well being. Her unique approach and sensitivity to my individual concerns and her uncanny ability to provide swift results is quite remarkable.
The true test of her impact on my well being, was realized when I was unable to receive treatment for a time and could feel the ill effects almost immediately. I’ve since been able to return to her for routine sessions, which makes the world of difference in my often stressful lifestyle.

~ Kimberly Marrero, Art Advisor + Independent Curator

I was diagnosed with PCV – a blood disease that causes too much iron production in the blood. This results in thicker blood prone to clotting and poor circulation. My hematologist would treat me every 4-6 weeks. On the recommendation of a friend, I started seeing Maureen, and her treatments have made a huge difference. My condition is more stable and rarely needs active intervention by my hematologist. The one hour treatments have the added benefit of leaving me centered and relaxed!

~ Archana S.

One of my friends tried acupuncture. She kept raving and raving about Maureen. Finally I went to Maureen. What a difference the practitioner makes! Maureen has so much knowledge and tries different methods.
I have been going to Maureen for over a year now. I would not go to anyone else! She is very focused and now that she knows my body and all my ailments we have really made strides in my care.
I am currently pregnant with my second child and I am so glad Maureen is treating me. I notice the difference, so does my husband. Maureen definitely helps me with the heat, aches and mood swings during my pregnancy! If I miss a session, my husband tells me I need an appointment it makes such a difference!

~ Maryanne Murray

My wife has been going to acupuncture for years. For a long time she told me I had to go to Maureen at least once. I never did. I was just stressed out, I did not need it for anything. Finally my wife just made the appointment for me. After my first session with Maureen I was so relaxed. I could barely keep my eyes open. I had the first good sleep in months that night. Now I try to see Maureen as much as possible. Sometimes once a week‚ sometimes once a month. But I do like to go when I can.

~ Alex Fishman

Working with Maureen has been a sheer delight! She’s always looking out for my best interests as far as my overall wellness is concerned. Not only are her treatments exciting and rejuvenating‚ she goes that extra step to make sure you are comfortable‚ to talk about your complete needs‚ what more you personally can do to make your treatment the most effective‚ and really listens to your health concerns and problem areas.
I’ve always felt that I am in expert hands when treating with Maureen. I know she is always going to do her best to have me leaving the appointment 110 percent better than when I walked in the door! Now‚ whenever I have questions about certain things relating to all this‚ I don’t hesitate to contact her so I can get her opinion. I value the fact that I can trust her suggestions and I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone!

~ Sara Miley